Why Choose Us?

What you can expect when working with our agents:


-Strong, confident, and skilled negotiators

-Agents who will advocate for you

-Personable interactions



Sterling California Properties receives high marks and recommendations from our past buyer clients because we take buyer real estate services to the next level. We strive to make sure you feel confident and knowledgable about your investment. We value your time and trust and will do everything we can to find you your dream home or property investment as seamlessly as possible. Feel free to contact any of our agents to have a customized search for your real estate needs.


Sterling California Properties takes great pride in listing and selling homes through our skillful utilization of all avenues of marketing. 

We begin with  expertly crafed professional quality photos of your home. These images will showcase your property and are critical to Internet marketing. Surveys prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that buyers value high quality images more than any other feature of real estate listings.

-3D virtual Matterport tours can be created for your property, allowing sellers to view the home in great detail with minimal effort. To create this a 3D camera is placed in multiple locations throughout the home, the camera takes a 360 photograph, once the whole home has been “mapped” with these photos, they are processed to create the tour. 

-Your home with also be marketed with thorough and  professionally written descriptions provide crucial details and highlight every facet of your property to the prospective buyer.

Sterling California Properties gets a great deal of our listing business from referrals by our satisfied sellers, so don’t hesitate, let us get started in helping you today!